A line in the dirt

Listening to the Eels whilst tidying.
My family are coming to stay this weekend as it's my birthday next week.

Todays outfit consists of: Felt hat - Charity shop. Sheer shirt - H&M via ebay. Long sleeved tunic - H&M. Black denim shorts - Topshop via ebay. platform boots - Firetrap.

This is a little peek at our little retro kitchen. I live in a cute little flat and love this kitchen. It's pretty ugly really...

Weekend blues

Tools for lone a saturday in London. I-pod and headphones a must! Good reading material & sketch book/note book
Horrendous Highstreet: Cardigan - Asos, Dress - French Connection (altered by me) Bobble jumper - Top Shop, Scarf - H&M. (I hate being dressed head to toe highstreet but sometimes i guess it's just unavoidable!)

So my boyfriend (and housemate) has a brilliant new job which is amazing and i am so proud of him. However this has resulted on me spending a lot of 'alone' time, which usually im fine with. I always think i would make a perfectly happy hermit; however it does start to drag having to spend my evenings and weekends alone. Luckily i've taken on a few side projects to keep me distracted.
They're secret for now but fingers crossed it goes well!

Mondays goodies

One good reason for getting up this rainy grey monday morning were the treats that awaited later in the day. First stop the post office to collect my asos package. After feeling a bit down last week and despite being poor i decided to spend £10 and treat myself so i bought some over the knee knitted socks and a new bra. The socks are a little whiter than i expected and not sure how they will look over black opaques but will test them out later.
Next i recieved a parcel from a lovely ebay seller
who dropped of this lovely breton style jumper, it turns out she lives very near me and so refunded my postage and delivered the jumper! love her!
This afternoon on my daily trip to the post office i decided to be naughty and take a peek in the charity shop next to where i work. Glad i did as i spent a total of £3.20 and picked up two vintage 'st Michael's' (m&s) slips, a random tin and some funny cardboard buttons.

Cleaning up

Cleaning up on e-bay today! Can't wait for these little gems to make their way to me!
Carvela boots and wool jumper :)

day 1

This is also going to be a kind of style diary. Mainly for myself. The reason for this is that despite not having that many clothes i seem to develop outfit amnesia and tend to forget the outfits i quite like, and then end up feeling crappy in skinny jeans and an oversized shirt.

This dress is from Topshop via ebay and im loving the longer length and pockets. I feel slightly dorothy but sometimes it just feels right. Worn with Ameican Apparel sweater, grey ribbed tights and Hobbs desert boots.

Apart from the rain i am loving Autumn. It's probably my favorite season, the streets are lined with golden leaves, Sunglasses are still acceptable and i can read the sunday papers in a cosy pub.


Ok. iv'e decided to keep posting here as my personal diary. Ou est le discotheque is my creative collaboration with some lovelies but this will just be me.

When i was younger i always used to keep a diary; in fact i re-read them the other day and almost died of embarrassment as it was all about boys and who was being a bitch haha. this one will probably exclude those things the most.