Weekend blues

Tools for lone a saturday in London. I-pod and headphones a must! Good reading material & sketch book/note book
Horrendous Highstreet: Cardigan - Asos, Dress - French Connection (altered by me) Bobble jumper - Top Shop, Scarf - H&M. (I hate being dressed head to toe highstreet but sometimes i guess it's just unavoidable!)

So my boyfriend (and housemate) has a brilliant new job which is amazing and i am so proud of him. However this has resulted on me spending a lot of 'alone' time, which usually im fine with. I always think i would make a perfectly happy hermit; however it does start to drag having to spend my evenings and weekends alone. Luckily i've taken on a few side projects to keep me distracted.
They're secret for now but fingers crossed it goes well!

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